Let's Talk Art Deco

Let's Talk Art Deco

I recently wrote asking what your antique style was and had a reply from one person who answered Art Deco.  They said it had a positive energy.  But what is Art Deco? Where did it come from?  How did it evolve?  And what happened to it?

Art Deco is "a style of visual arts, architecture and design that first appeared in France just before World War I.” (Wikipedia)  Its name came from the ‘Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs et Industriels Moderne’ that was held in Paris in 1925.  The intention of Art Deco design was "to create a sleek and anti-traditional elegance that symbolized wealth and sophistication.” (Encyclopedia Britannica)

It is no surprise that a turn from tradition can have a positive energy.  Looking toward the future can give hope that change is coming.

Art Deco style rose from Art Nouveau, Bauhaus, Cubism and was simple with clean lines and geometric shapes.  “Characteristic motifs included nude female figures, animals, foliage, and sun rays, all in conventionalized forms.” (Encyclopedia Britannica)  Items were at first individually made but during the Great Depression, new materials were introduced and mass production began.  Art Deco lost its prominence with the onset of WWII.

Some great examples of Art Deco:

Architecture - The Chrysler Building

Fashion – Flapper Style

Culture – The Great Gatsby

Furniture – Designers

There continues to be renewed interest in Art Deco to this day.  The sleek elegance and luxury combined with clean lines and geometric shapes have a very modern appeal that represents forward thinking.

Leave a comment below!  Let me know what Art Deco means to you.

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