Life and Objects

Life and Objects

Have you ever wondered why you have a connection with a specific object?  What is it that draws you to items you desire?  What about the items you already have?

Japanese culture suggests that items have a supernatural connection.  Every item has a life of its own.  That bowl you are about to throw away may contain the soul of your great grandmother.  Every object is a vessel for a spirit.

I believe this to be true.

Are you ready for a ghost story?

The first house I owned was an 18th century farmhouse in Eastern Ontario.  I was alone a lot of cold winter nights there and with only dial-up internet, books and a piano to keep me occupied, I had to use my imagination – A LOT. 

I purchased a gramophone cabinet at the second-hand store in town and it took up residence in the piano room.  With some old records I had inherited from my great grandparents, I played them on that gramophone many times over, imagining the life they lead and the times they lived in. 

One night I was upstairs on the computer chatting with a friend and heard some music coming from downstairs…  I brushed it off for a bit and finished my dial-up chat.

After shutting down the computer and thinking I would head for bed, I heard the music start again.  Creeping slowly down the stairs, the music got louder.  There was only the light from the moon reflecting off the snow shining through the windows to lead me into the piano room where I sourced the sound of the music. 

Quickly, I flicked the light switch and the music ceased. 

The handle was slowly being wound.  Not unwinding.  Winding.  I was frozen for what seemed an eternity. 

I eventually came to my senses and turned heel to run up those stairs, straight into my bed with head under the covers.

It could have been a ghost from the house.  Or it could have been a spirit associated with the gramophone, or the old ‘78s from my great grandparents.  I know one thing – it was a spirit.

I believe I am meant to have that gramophone and those records.  I even feel haunted by that house – to this day.

Ever since, I have looked at the items I have differently.  I treat them with respect.  I often wonder if other objects I have will show life to me at an unexpected moment.  I feel a connection to the objects that surround me daily. 

Do you?

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