What is Your Antique Style?

What is Your Antique Style?

Through the ages, furniture styles and architectural trends have changed and evolved – and so have I!  Popular antique styles come and go, but we all seem to favour a certain style.  What is yours?

Right now, according to trend reports, rustic and simple furniture with clean lines like that of Canadiana is what people are buying.  For the last few years, experts were using Art Deco.  And before that, Victorian was hot.  But styles and trends will come and go as they always have and what goes around will come around again.

What I want to know is what your antique style?

Are you into the ornamental and gilded curves and asymmetry of Rococo with its lavish architecture and décor?  Or do you prefer the gothic revival of the Victorian era with dark subject matter and feminine authority?  Maybe it’s Canadiana that strikes you with its old world influence?  Is it Art Deco you crave?  Or mid century modern?

If you aren’t sure, why not find out?  The internet is a wealth of information and countless books have been published on the subject.  I will recommend some books at the end of this article that you should definitely look into!

Whatever your style, there are no hard and fast rules.  Mix and match, incorporate antiques into your modern décor if you choose!  Every piece carries history with it and tells a story.

Feel free to leave a comment below and if you have any questions – just ask!

A couple of books to check out:

History of Interior Design and Furniture by Robbie G. Blakemore

The Heritage of Upper Canadian Furniture by Howard Pain

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I’ve always loved Art Deco. It has such positive energy. And no, I wasn’t born then.

Anne O

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