Buying Antiques Online

Buying Antiques Online

So for the past 10 months – give or take – we have all been caught in a pandemic and because of that, our shopping trends have shifted drastically to the online world.  We already know what size we wear, what brands we use etc… so that makes most of our online shopping a breeze.  Other than racking up credit card debt and trying to outsmart porch pirates, shopping online is pretty convenient and in the current situation, the only way we can buy anything other than essentials.  But what happens when you are cornered into buying something online that normally you would want to pick up, inspect, feel, and hold?  Antiques are in that category. 

We in the business have made a huge transition from having an open brick and mortar retail space to operating solely on the internet.  I have even bid in online auctions for the first time.  Some of us are new to the game and having to learn how to sell when there isn’t even a customer in front of us.  It’s tough! 

But it’s also tough for those of you who want to buy the antiques.  How do you know you’re getting what you really want?  A product can look very different in reality than in a picture.  Colour and size can be affected and defects can be easily hidden.  So how do you successfully buy antiques online?

There are a few things to keep in mind and I have put together a list of tips for you here to make shopping for antiques online a breeze!

  1. Look very carefully at the pictures.  If there are only a couple of them, request more from the seller.  We are more than happy to do that for you!
  2. Be sure to read the descriptions. The condition, size and colour should all be contained in the description as well as some history of the product.  As always, if you want more information just ask!
  3. Find out if you can see the item prior to making the purchase. The product can usually be put on hold until you are able to view it – even if it is at the curbside.

Return Policies should be clearly outlined in the online shop but if you are unsure, just ask! 

If you are passionate about antiques like I am, 10 months is far too long to go without a new piece.  We are always collecting!  Don’t let fear stop you from finding the next perfect piece; just follow the three steps laid out above and you will be a successful online antique shopper in no time!

Oh and - Happy Robbie Burns Day!

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This is a terrific help to us newbies in the antique world. Really helpful. Can’t wait to learn more next Monday!


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