Revitalizing the past is a great passion of mine.  Since I was very young I have appreciated anything old and the story that inevitably comes along with it.  Genealogy also grabbed hold of me at an early age and I find it fascinating how both nature and nurture affect and shape us all.

I believe beauty is in the eye of the beholder and one man's junk is another man's treasure; these are mantras that were instilled in me as a child.  I developed a love of antiques and vintages and what others may throw away when I was young and I quickly discovered that was a singular mindset among my peers.  When CDs were coming out, I was searching garage sales for LPs.  High waist tapered jeans were cool and I was digging through my dad's closet for bellbottoms.  I still have the first yard sale find 'hope chest' I refinished in my grandparents' garage.  I wanted to get my hands on anything that was old, thought I was born in the wrong time and often wondered if I had been adopted.  In adulthood it became apparent to my family that they could relieve their unwanted items at my doorstep - which happened to be an 18th century farmhouse.  I began to fill my life with as much 'old' as I could.  It gave me comfort.  It still does.  I feel the history in each item and can imagine how life was and love learning about each item and the time and place in history to which it once belonged.

Everyone has a story to tell.  What's your story?

In August of 2019 I began a new chapter in my story when I opened up a long anticipated antique shop in a heritage building in the heart of Cookstown, Ontario at 3 Church St.  Since closing my store I opened this online shop and kept a booth at the Cookstown Antique Market until recently when I acquired a booth at the Waterford Antique Market.  One day I hope to have a brick and mortar location again.

I have great love and respect for history and all I have learned from it and all I have yet to learn. 

Find a piece of history to continue your story with me!