Vintage Art Revival Premiere

Vintage Art Revival Premiere

While scrolling through Facebook Marketplace one day, I noticed a lot of ‘basement art’ was coming up in my feed.  It wasn’t long before I spotted something I liked and decided to buy it.  Then another...  and another!  There was so much unwanted art out there.  I wondered what I could do to give it new life and appeal to a modern consumer.  Every piece I brought home seemed to share a common problem; the frame.  It was either damaged, unappealing or outdated.  I thought maybe if I could reframe the art, giving it a more modern or classic look, the art could be better appreciated and valued.

So off I went to the framing shop to select a liner and frame for my first project and the waiting game began.  I was like a kid waiting for Christmas morning. Within 2 weeks the first piece had been completed!  I was so pleased, I readied the next piece and started the process again. 

Have a look at this transformation:



This piece of original art was basically a discard and was probably hanging in an old basement rec room before I purchased it.  The frame was reminiscent of 1972 and really took away from the art held within.  I wanted to bring it back to life and make it desirable to a modern consumer.  



After much consideration, both a liner and frame were chosen and the waiting game began...  Within 2 weeks I got a call from the framer.  It was like Christmas morning!  I was so pleased with the result I couldn't wait to start the next project.  This lovely piece of original art sold in only a few short days!

What are your thoughts?  Is it worth reviving vintage art that may have already had its time? 


I have continued in this venture as I believe this art is worth saving and have already had 2 more completed with another at the framing shop now!  So stay tuned for a series on the art I am reviving.  Until next week!

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