Vintage Art Revival, Part 2

Vintage Art Revival, Part 2

Still Life Oil on Canvas.  The frame was narrow, damaged and dated.  There was no definition between where the art finished and where the frame began.  The art was bright and full of colour and texture.  It needed something rich to bring it to life.  Have a look at this transformation!


The background of this painting was lost and blended into the frame leaving little definition.  I thought this art would be an exceptional piece if only it could be revived with a new frame.  So off to the framer it went!


The gold and black edged frame combined with the white linen and gold beaded liner brought this piece back to life!  It also added a few inches -  it barely fit in my car when I picked it up!


My second project complete!  But my pile was getting bigger…  I already had another piece being done, but there was just so much art out there that needed my help! 

This vintage still life oil on canvas is currently available in my ‘Art’ collection and on for 25% off until April 30th.   Find it here.

What better time to liven up your walls than while we are all stuck at home?

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